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David L. Summitt, President & Owner of Summitt Trucking, brings over 30 years of experience and expertise to the transportation industry. Due to his integrity, strategic planning, and business development, Summitt’s customer roster reads like a “who’s who” of major corporations.

Whether launching a new state-of-the-art piece of equipment or re-energizing tried and true methods, Dave’s practices have led to consistently reach peak goals and accomplishments for our customers, vendors, and employees.

Since its inception, Summitt has managed to capture the attention and earn the trust of some of the most respected corporations in the nation. The reasons are obvious, and Summitt Trucking’s record speaks for itself.

Summitt fields a top-notch team, led by the most senior and well established practitioners in the transportation industry. Dave believes in investing in his people to build a strong company from within. It is because of this culture that our team is respected, valued and directly responsible for our success. Transportation and Logistics—it’s what we know, and what we do well.

People believe in us for a reason—we build trusted partnerships. It is through these partnerships that we can understand customer transportation needs. We understand that your goals and objectives are real, that budgets are finite, and that your success depends on the proper execution of shipping plans. Our Summitt team is aggressive, motivated, and driven to set up our company, employees, customers, and vendors for success.

Your success is our success!

Summitt’s Story

  • March 5, 1983 – William R. Summitt begins Bestway Trucking with 1 single-axle tractor.
  • December 25, 1985 – William R. Summitt passed away. At the age of 20, David L. Summitt immediately stepped in to fill his father’s shoes and was elected president.
  • Bestway grows from a well run, local trucking company to a first class regional transportation firm – carving a solid niche in the market place. Success is achieved through Dave Summitt’s philosophy of providing the best team with the best equipment and technology available.
  • July 31, 1999 – Bestway Trucking was merged with Transit Group.
  • End of 1999 – Evident that Transit Group’s direction and goals differed from those of Mr. Summitt, by mutual agreement Mr. Summitt and Transit Group part ways.
  • December 2002 – Transit Group exits the market, releasing Mr. Summitt from a no-compete agreement now allowing him to re-enter the truckload market.
  • January 3, 2003 – Summitt Trucking, LLC hauls its first loads with 125 trucks and 200 trailers.
  • January 2004 Summitt acquires Big T with 300 Trucks, and 600 Trailers.
  • January 2005 Summitt continues to grow, purchasing the assets of Harry Owen with 456 Trucks and 1088 Trailers.
  • October 2007 Summitt is recognized as a Business First’s prestigious “Fast 50” honoree.
  • May 2007 Business First of Louisville names Summitt to its “Major Employer” top 30 list.
  • August 2008 Summitt is ranked the #1 Trucking Company for the second year by Business First of Louisville.
  • July 2009 Summitt is named by Commercial Carrier Journal to their Top 250 Commercial Carrier Largest Trucking Company List.
  • April 2010 Summitt is awarded “Carrier Partner of the Year” by Kroger. Summitt being the first to receive this honor.
  • Today, Summitt boasts a driver retention rate of 78%.
Summitt Trucking

Summitt Trucking